Shaun Colley

Sofware Developer

Austin, TX

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Recent Projects

Agile Stress!

A front-end web application arcade style game that mimics Agile software tools. You drag and drop tickets to the appropriate columns to win points. Once time expires it's Game Over where the player views their score. Play again to see if you can get a higher score.

Built with React Hooks and TypeScript.

GitHub Demo

Wesbsite Health Tracker

A full stack project that allows admins at Poetic to view Lighthouse reports on websites of their choice automatically running the reports once a week and stores results in a SQL database as well as provides visual cues for when a website is poorly performing.

Built with Apollo/GraphQL, PostgresQL, and React.

GitHub Demo

Noise Pollution

A full stack project built in less than 24 hours at the Houston Hackathon 2019. Noise Pollution Mapper allows users on Chrome Browser to record an average of 5 seconds of sound to provide a decibel amount adding the level to the SQL database and displaying the result on a heatmap.

Built with React, node.js/express, and PostgresQL.

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Garden Planner

A full stack project that allows users to make a squarefoot garden plan to be updated over time as plants are harvested and new ones are planted. To check out the demo use username: test@test and password: test.

Built with React, node.js/express, and PostgresQL.

GitHub Demo

BH Golf League

A back-end project using server-side pages that allows a Houston-area golf league to manage their unique scoring system thereby updating the technology the league was using from email and excell to inputting the scores directly into a user interface.

Built with mustache, node.js/express, and PostgresQL.

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About Me

I had previous lives as an educator, a cook, and a philosopher. At the heart of those careers is a deep interest in problem solving, thus my natural transition into coding. As well as being passionate about coding, I am passionate about logic, vegetable gardening, and cooking those vegetables in a quasi-logical fashion. While cooking and gardening (and, of course, video games) are fun hobbies, coding is a fun career. I love nothing more than being handed a feature and figuring out the best way to implement that feature in a user-friendly way. When I am not developing my skills as a coder or as a gardener, I am most likely to be found hiking with my wife.





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